Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh the deliciousness of parcels in the post...

...and from foreign parts no less!  I've been meaning to post about this lovely little package that arrived last week from Claire over at The Fairy Tale Cupboard, but me being me I hadn't got around to it.  A beautiful selection of Fairy Tale postcards, 2 of each!  And an extra special one from Oona Patterson, who wrote Ream, the lovely book I won in Claire's competition.  I hope you can tell, that the tiny figure of Ream herself has been cut out of the postcard (that's my finger you can see through it)!  There was much amazement from young and old in the Mermaid household as to the detail.
And what should arrive today but this lovely parcel...my prize!

And have a look inside...isn't it gorgeous?  


Jess said...

oooo lucky you! They look gorgeous. I've just clicked on the link you gave which led me to the work of Faye Durston. Isn't her work amazing? Thanks so much for sharing this, enjoy your prizes, they look so inspiring :)

A mermaid in the attic said...

LOL Jessie, I hadn't even tried that link on TFTC and was wondering who on earth Faye Durston was...then I went back and had another look...and wow, she IS incredible! :)

Ruthie Redden said...

ooh, im so glad it was you who won the fantastic giveaway, all deliciousness indeed. And thankd for the link to Faye, i had come across her work a while ago and adored it for its detail and line, but i had lost her! i think this must be a new blog she has?

mia said...

i adore you're blog. a mermaid in
the attic - a fairy tale title.
the paper
ship is a beauty.

ambergoulet said...

I'm so happy you just introduced me to Oona Patterson! Thanks!

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